School information

The Carmel Jane Vision

Stunning photos and outstanding service have always been our core values.  We truly believe we have a a duty of care to everyone we photograph to make them look good and have a positive experience.

Now, in the time of Covid-19, working safely to protect your school and your students had been added to our priority list.

We continually look at ways to improve all of our systems and training.  We want to continue to deliver industry-beating images but with processes that are paperless and contactless to ensure 100% Covid safety.

We are a tight-knit, loyal and hardworking team (Carmel has won Employer of the Year twice!) We are ready to partner our schools, to photograph more than just the individual and class photos, but to also help document other exciting events in your calendar.

Have a look at our Core Values in this video filmed back in February 2020, when we had the whole team togther for a Team Building Breakfast. Click here to wach our 5 Core Values.

How does the School Admin Portal work?

Once the images are ready, we will send you a unique access code, for you to log in to this school admin portal.

  • Upload your name list using our encrypted uploader.
  • All of our policies and proceedures in one easy access.
  • Download SIMS photos as soon as the photos have gone live.
  • Download class maps - and A4 of all students with their names.
  • Share access to relevant staff members.