I have pre-registered my child to the system, but it’s is not recognising my email address
The pre-register sets a notification to let you know when the photos are online. You then need to register an account, you simply do this by following the link in the email we send you, then set your own password and you are good to go!

I can see my child’s name in ‘My Picture Sets’ but not their picture.
Please let us know if your child is known by any other name, even if it is shortened for example, William might be known as Will.

I can see my name is ‘My Picture Set’s but no picture of my child.
You have accidently pre-registered yourself rather than your child.

I forgot to pre-register my child – How can I access the photo’s?
Visit http://www.carmeljane.co.uk/pre-registration-support/

We need: child’s name, school and year group, your name, email, and telephone number.

You will not be able to gain access until the details are on file.

I have more than 1 child, but I cannot see them all?
Log onto your account. Click on ‘My Picture Sets’. Click on the drop down and see if your children’s names appear. Either your account has not linked up to the other children or you had only pre-registered one of the children.

You just need to let us know the full name of the children, what school they attend and their year and form group/class name.

I can’t download my picture that I have purchased.
An automatic email will have been sent with a link. Click on the link within the email to download them.

If you do not have the email :

Log in to your account and click
‘My Account’ then ‘My Pictures’
‘Download all bought as zip’
Save the images to your device and you can print of as many times as you like!

How do I make sure I choose the correct photos in my package?
Choose your package first, then select your photos but dragging and dropping into the correct template.

If you would like the same picture through-out your package please change the first image in the package and a pop up should appear to say ‘Replace all pictures? Would you like to replace all pictures in the package’?

If you do not change the photo within the package the system will select the first picture displayed in ‘My Picture Set’s’ as default.

If you are on a mobile device please hit 'edit content' when you are in the basket.

I want to unsubscribe to the emails
You can log your account, clicking on ‘My Account’, ‘Account Settings’

Turn off the communication tab, to ensure that you will not receive any more emails/text messages.

I only want to purchase a single photo but all I can see is package offers.
Click on ‘view all our products’, and you will be able to see all of the sizes we offer, with and without mounts.

I have got more than one child, can I mix the pictures within the packages?
We are one of the few companies that allow mix ’n’ match.

Choose your template/package.
Drag and drop each child’s photo into the template
Change the child by going to ‘My Picture Set’s’ and using the drop-down menu.
I have received an email to tell me I only have little time left for my discount, but I have received a discount code.

You do not need a discount code to receive this great offer!

All of the discounts have been added for you to make it easier to order, and will be automatically applied at checkout provided you are within your 14 day window.

Why are the digital downloads £14.50 when I have seen them for £9.50?
If you have £22 worth of prints or products (excludes downloads) you will receive the downloads at a great rate £9.50.

Is the logo (watermark) going to be removed from the image?
Of course! The watermark is only used to protect our work against illegal downloads

Is it possible to order digital downloads?
Yes, just go to ‘View all of our Products” then go to ‘Digital Portraits’. You have full rights to print these images for personal use only.

I want to order multiple prints do you have any package options?
We have lots of print and download packages available. Click on ‘View all of our products’ for many different options.

How long will the delivery take?
The delivery time is dependent on the payment/ delivery method.

We aim to have your order processed and shipped within 5-7 business working days. All our orders are sent 2nd class by Royal Mail.

Delivery time may also vary depending on the type of products ordered. For example larger prints/ canvases take longer to process.

I’m having technical difficulties – Can I speak to someone that can help?
Of course, our team are on hand to help! You can either email us at info@carmeljane.co.uk we aim to respond to emails ASAP or you can contact us by phone 01277 822674 – office open Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm.